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At Larsen & Toubro Infotech (LTI), the motto ‘Let’s Solve’ is a code of honour to work by. LTI is a heavyweight in the IT services industry, partnering with cutting-edge enterprise shops, such as Oracle, SAP and Salesforce, to provide a diverse array of tech solutions to over 300 clients globally.

LTI was one of Workplace’s very first adopters in April 2016. With over 23,000 employees working from 27 different offices, LTI’s management team were seeking an agile platform that would unite their workforce and bring efficiency to sluggish internal processes.


73%reduction in emails sent per month company-wide

85%reduction in overall training cost for iLead training program

45%improvement in turnaround time for IT help desk requests enabled by IT chat bot

How Workplace helped

Bringing LTI into the spotlight for bright young talent

Graduate recruitment is an important pool of talent for LTI to tap into. Every year, LTI's graduate recruitment team makes offers to students during university open days across India's top engineering colleges. Students are then onboarded, via their email address, into a multi-company group (MCG) between students and members of LTI's HR team. The students use this group to find out more about LTI as an employer, to ask current employees what it's like to work at the company, and to connect with other graduates who are joining LTI's ranks.

Workplace has significantly reduced the flood of student emails, and has addressed the challenge of sustaining their engagement right up until their start date.

Building bots to turbocharge efficiency

Managing IT and HR support for a workforce of 23,000 people is a herculean task. Prior to Workplace, LTI's IT and HR teams were fielding over 30,000 queries a month – many of which were simple questions that a human being didn't need to answer.

LTI built two Workplace Chat bots in-house - iAssist bot and HR bot. These bots resolve requests for things like installing new software, unlocking accounts and checking leave balances. Within the first 4 months of launching iAssist bot, 35% of simple support activity was automated through the Workplace bot. The result for LTI has been a whole new level of efficiency and productivity, with a 45% improvement in ticket turnaround time.

Improving training and the bottom line

One of LTI's most successful training programs is 'iLead' - an initiative that prepares rising stars in the business for leadership roles. The majority of learning now takes place on Workplace, in the form of weekly assignments and open discussions where course participants can exchange ideas with one another. For each iLead course group, LTI's training team creates a new private group and uses content such as leadership videos, self-learning articles and webinar recordings to teach the modules.

As a result of creating online learning hubs in Workplace, LTI has successfully reduced training time by 60%. They have also experienced an 85% reduction in overall training costs, as hosting the courses on Workplace has eliminated course participants' travel, accommodation and extra classroom costs.

“Workplace has taken our Connect and Collaborate capabilities up by several notches. It has brought in a sense of transparency and access to leadership at all levels. Its effects have been pervasive and it has helped us reinvent how we all experience work at LTI.”

Aftab Zaid Ullah

Aftab Zaid Ullah

Chief Operating Officer at LTI

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