How to set up and use Live video at work

by Rossa Brown

Live video gives you the immediacy of connecting face-to-face wherever you are. Here’s how to set it up and connect with your entire organization.

There’s nothing like seeing someone in person to make you feel connected. But with remote working becoming more common, it’s easy for people to feel out of the loop. Live video can help everyone feel part of things – as well as helping you achieve much more.

How can you use Live video?

Workplace Live Video lets people communicate face-to-face wherever they are via mobile or desktop. You can also use video in Workplace Chat to make 1:1 video calls or talk to groups as large as 50.

The flexibility Live video gives you makes it one of the most powerful collaboration tools for business. Organizations use it for broadcasting company announcements, training groups of disparate employees, or on-boarding new starters.

And business leaders and communications teams use Live video in Workplace to make their organizations flatter and connect with everyone.

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Unlocking top-down comms

Communicating your most important messages and announcements to the entire organization is difficult.

Using Live video makes it easy for leaders and communications professionals to connect with more people and make sure they get the message. You can broadcast to a particular team, Workplace group, or to your entire company and get real-time feedback, questions, and reactions from everyone.

When you're done, you can post an on-demand version of the video in Workplace so anyone who couldn't watch the broadcast live can catch up later.

Three real-life examples

The Telenor leadership team uses Workplace Live video to broadcast town hall meetings to everyone.

RBS - one of Europe's biggest banks - recently used it to broadcast its annual leadership conference to the whole organization. So successfully, in fact, that it won them a major award for digital innovation.

Spyglass Realty is a US real estate company. It uses Workplace Live video to help them save 32 hours of agents’ time each month.

How do you set it up?

Going Live from mobile is easy. You simply choose the group you'd like to broadcast to, select 'Live', add a description if you'd like one - and then hit 'Start Live Video'. You'll be connecting with your team with as little as 2-clicks.

To share a live video from desktop, you'll just need your live-streaming software application on your computer and an external or internal camera. To get started, see how easy it is to set up the Workplace live API.

How else can I use Live video?

In addition to going Live directly from a device or desktop, you can also integrate Workplace Live video functions with the other enterprise tools your organization uses. Connect with the Zoom integration for Workplace, for example, and instantly convert a one-to-one or one-to-many chat into a video broadcast across multiple mobile devices, desktops or conference rooms.

Or use the BlueJeans integration to enter a video meeting with a single command from Workplace Chat or stream meetings and share content.

You can post full recordings of your Live videos into groups of your choice so people can watch whenever they like. This enables everyone to be part of the conversation even if they couldn't watch the live broadcast.

Where can I find out about Live video in action?

To see how Live video can help you transform company culture and connect sales teams on the road, watch how Campbell is using it to bring people closer together.

And see how conservation charity WWF is using Live video to open up its annual conference to 100% of the organization via a live stream.

Learn how business leaders are using tools like Live video to improve their company conversation.

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Spyglass Realty is using Live video to onboard new staff and make teamwork better

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