Collaborating on your files in Workplace just got even better

by Pancham Gajjar

Document Sharing just got even better

We've made it easier and more intuitive to share content and collaborate on files in Workplace. Here's what's new - and why it will help make work faster and more delightful.

We're building Workplace to give people a place to work together. We want to make business better by creating connected companies where people feel closer, where work happens faster, and company culture is stronger.

To do this, it's critical that we give people the tools they need to store, manage, share, and collaborate on the important files and content they need to get their work done.

So, as part of our Workplace Experience announcement at F8 recently, we're excited to share some of the key upgrades to collaboration in Workplace.

So what's new?

Being able to share content is the foundation of collaboration. To make work faster and less painful, people want to discover the right content when they need it and be able to quickly share it with the right people in their organization. These five updates mean you can do exactly that.

Improved cloud collaboration with multiple file uploads

1.Native Microsoft and Google Drive file pickers

We've completely redesigned the file pickers for Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive, and for Google Drive document sharing, and we've upgraded the integrations with Box, Dropbox, and Quip.

If you use these Workplace integrations, you can now more easily share multiple documents as part of a Workplace post. Simply find the right files (up to six) and add to your post to keep the documents, the conversation, and the workflows all in one place.

Native file pickers

Native file pickers

Share the way you want to with multiple provider uploads

2. Attach multiple files from desktop or cloud providers

But we haven't stopped there. You can now attach and share files from your multiple providers and mix files from your desktop and cloud files.

This means you can upload files from Dropbox, Box, Sharepoint, OneDrive, and Google Drive in the same post. And you can do this in a variety of easy ways by selecting via drop-down menus, pasting content URL links, or using drag-and-drop.

By adding an option to “Add file” we've also streamlined the way you now share files on Workplace.

Attach multiple files

Attach multiple files

Keep the project moving with Files in Comments

3. Attach files in comments

You asked and we listened! You can now attach a file of up to 100MB when you reply to a post in a Workplace group. Files in Comments enable you to seamlessly start and maintain a group discussion. Start a conversation by posting into a Workplace group - and keep it there - as people share responses and files to help make project work faster and more intuitive.

Files in comments

Files in comments

Put content at people's fingertips with linked folders

4.Linking folders to groups

The new upgrade enables you to link your cloud folders to the 'Files' area of groups. Group admins can now easily bulk-link to relevant team content. This small but powerful change will help team members quickly find the content they need, when they need it.

Linked folders

Linked folders

Discover and engage with more content through navigation redesign

5. New redesigned Files tab

The new Workplace Experience includes a full visual redesign of the Files tab in groups. The upgrade improves navigation, gives richer previews, and provides new features for linking and navigating folders. It means that people can find, engage, and share the right content faster. And it enables people to get more work done in the group without having to switch applications.

New files tab

New files tab

Where can I find out more?

We've put together resources to help your organization prepare for better file collaboration. Take a look at the links below and if you've any questions we haven't answered, speak to your Workplace team or contact Workplace Support for assistance.

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